Raffles Medical Group (RMG) is a leading integrated private healthcare provider in Asia, with presence in 14 cities across 5 countries. Through its network of over 100 multi-disciplinary clinics and four hospitals, the Group provides its patients with a seamless continuum of care.

Besides medical care, the Group’s comprehensive services include health insurance, healthcare training and consumer healthcare products.

Established in 1976 with two clinics in Singapore, the Group has grown from strength to strength. It now has more than 3,000 employees, including about 400 physicians, and serves over 2 million patients and 7,000 corporate clients a year. The Group is listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX: BSL) since April 1997.

RMG Approach
The Group is committed to the highest standard of patient-centric care and service excellence.

RMG Group Practice Model
This allows a multi-disciplinary team of physicians to provide patients the quality assurance of medical services that are integrated, peer reviewed and medically audited.

Quality Framework
RMG quality framework, overseen by a Quality Committee, governs how we work towards patient’s safety and health.

Benefits for patients
1. Cost-effective care for patients, employers and insurance payers

2. Seamless team-based care across disciplines

3. Better clinical outcomes with quality consistency

RMG Services
This integrated model provides patients with a seamless healthcare journey, and corporate clients with one-stop convenience.