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Genetic Cancer Screening

Bumrungrad International Preventive Genomics and Integrative Medicine is providing diagnosis, treatment, and advice, including risk assessment and screening for diseases caused by genetic abnormalities.

Genetic testing for hereditary diseases is a proactive health check up and predict  the risk of cancers.

Why is genetics important to my health?

Genetic testing for hereditary cancers is a proactive health check up that predicts  the risk for certain cancers. if detected early, may have effective medical interventions and preventive measures may be recommend and may even save individual’s life from being afflicted by cancers.

The Cancer Screening analyzes sequence of 65 genes related to inherited cancers.

For example BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are related to breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

APC gene is related to colon cancer, etc.

This test can predict the risk for 10 different inherited cancers as below:

  1. Breast cancer   
  2. Colorectal cancer   
  3. Cutaneous melanoma   
  4. Gastric cancer   
  5. Ovarian cancer   
  6. Pancreatic cancer   
  7. Prostate cancer   
  8. Renal cell cancer   
  9. Thyroid cancer   
  10. Uterine cancer

The test is suitable for:

  1. Individuals have a family or personal history as follows:
    • Cancer at age younger than 50 years old
    • Multiple cancers in one person
    • Family member with cancer one or more relatives with these 10 cancers
    • Breast Cancer in Male
    • Confirmed inherited cancer in your family
  1. For healthy adults without a personal or family history of cancer who are interested to know their personal risk for having genetic cancer.